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NTN Bearings Announces Integrated Rotation Sensor Sliding Bearing
Source:admin    publisher:admin    publishing time:2014-1-22 14:26:59
NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has developed a compact and easy to handle “Integrated Rotation Sensor Sliding Bearing”, which consists of an integrated resin sliding bearing and a magnetic type rotation sensor. This product corresponds to the compactification and high functionalization of various machinery and equipment, in addition to the ball bearings type, which have been created in the series to date.
There are many rotating shafts installed in office equipment including printers and measuring instruments, and many sliding bearings are used as the bearing to support these shafts. In recent years, more rotating shafts are being used accompanying the high functionalization of machinery and equipment, and the miniaturization and compactification of equipment overall has been progressing. Using a printer as an example, the rotation troubles of rotating shafts due to paper jamming, or wear of component parts has become difficult to detect therefore, there was a great need for a sliding bearing integrated with a rotation sensor which can easily detect the location causing the trouble.
Since the integrated rotation sensor sliding bearing developed by NTN, consists of an integrated resin sliding bearing and a magnetic type rotation sensor, it allows for compactification and an easy to handle structure for various machinery and equipment. In order to correspond to the various types of wiring, the product was designed with a flexible connector for connections, which allows the dimensions of the sliding bearing and product configuration to conform to the customer’s specifications. The operation status of rotating shafts can be monitored reliably and easily by using the compact integrated rotation sensor sliding bearing, which will lead to a reduction of maintenance time.
NTN Bearing has already started sales activities and sample delivery, and will continue to perform sales activities for various applications, including office equipment, measuring instruments and etc.
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